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CCB Outstanding in the Early Years - CCB in the top 10 percent of schools for pupil progress - Ofsted: A Good School with Outstanding Features - OUTSTANDING SIAMS Inspection 2016 - Excellent 2018 Year 6 SATs Results - 'OUTSTANDING EDUCATION PROVISION' Local Education Authority 2018 - Open mornings for prospective parents from 10-11am on 20th Sept, 18th Oct, 22nd Nov, 13th Dec 2018 10th Jan and 7th Feb 2019. Please telephone or email the school to book a place at one of the Open Mornings. School starts for Years 1 to 6 on Wednesday 5th September 2018.
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This week, in Science, we created experiment stations and we worked together to observe and explain how and why water changes states.

This week in Science we tested different materials to see whether they are conductors or insulators of electricity.

In Science we made predictions and we tested some complete and incomplete electric circuits.

Making our own instruments to explore how pitch is determined by weight and length