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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) ................... Thank you to all our pupils, parents, staff and governors for your support during the recent Ofsted Inspection March 2019. THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. Excellent 2018 Year 6 SATs Results - 'OUTSTANDING EDUCATION PROVISION' Local Education Authority 2018. Please telephone or email the school to book a place at one of the Open Mornings.
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Role playing

Role playing in the Early Years

Role playing is important becauseĀ it feeds the imagination, encourages empathy andĀ it is a powerful way of developing social skills. It has a crucial part to play in their intellectual and social development. The ability to make one thing stand for another, to picture things that are not there, are critical features in the growth of both thought and language.

Picture 1

O has specifically selected the short yellow pieces from the octoplay set. He pretends to cook and prepare spaghetti.