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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) ................... Thank you to all our pupils, parents, staff and governors for your support during the recent Ofsted Inspection March 2019. THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. Excellent 2018 Year 6 SATs Results - 'OUTSTANDING EDUCATION PROVISION' Local Education Authority 2018. Please telephone or email the school to book a place at one of the Open Mornings.
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Year 1


The Elbow is Connected to the Arm!

This week in PSCHE we learned about the different parts of our bodies and what they are called. 

We had a very energetic student willing to be our classroom display. 

Did you know there are 206 bones in our bodies but there are more when we are children?

More interesting facts to come.  


Picture 1

With My Easter Bonnet

Our students in their Easter bonnets. 

The Lady with the Lamp

Today we went to the Florence Nightingale Museum. We have been studying Florence this term so the students were very excited to see the artefacts. When we got there we met Florence Nightingale herself. She told us about her life and showed us her pet owl, Athena and tortoise, Jimmy. We learned all about her work in the Crimean War and how she helped the soldiers. 

It was such a fun day. 

Where the Wild Things are....



Let the Wild Rumpus start....


Wild creatures the children were. 

The students definitely did grow fur. 

They started to roar. 

The creatures from the story lore.

Until Max did say

That the party had had its day. 

He needed to go home with a zoom. 

And he went back to his room. 



Eggcellent Job

We are happy to report all 10 eggs have hatched and all are happy and healthy. 

The children have gotten a brief chance to hold them. 

They could not be happier. 



Who took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

In Maths this week we have been learning about subtraction. 

To make Maths fun we played a game.

Each student was given a cookie and there was a number sentence on the back. 

All but one was incorrect. The person with the correct answer was the person who took the cookie. 

We had to solve the number sentences to find the correct one. 

Guess who took the cookie?

Hopping to School!

This week got a few new students in year 1. 

Some eggs were delivered this week and we have been waiting patiently to watch them hatch. 

On World Book Day, they did. 

Two of them hatched over night and 2 hatched in the morning. 

We were only gone for 15 minutes to go read in the garden and when we came back one had popped out of his shell. 

We have yet to name them but update on names to come. 

We are so excited to see them grow over the next few days. 

Outdoor Learning

Sometimes the best learning is when you get a real life experience. 

Instead of staying in the classroom this week, we went outside and played in the snow. 

We later wrote about the adventures of the snow blizzard. 


Today in MEND we reviewed all the knowledge that we have learned over the last few weeks. 

We had to answer multiple choice questions and run to the answer. 

Each answer had an active activity for us to do. 

Star Jumps

Running on the spot

Touching knees and toes. 

This was the best way to take a test. 

ABC is the place to be!

Everyday we learn our sounds in different ways. 

We learn through our sound phrases like a_e make a cake or or shut the door. 

We read from different books like Pick It Up and A Bad Fox. 

We have time to write letters, diary entries or descriptive passages. 

We are learning to expand our sentences and add more detail. 

But the best part of phonics time is when we use our phonic knowledge in fun interactive games. 

Trash and Treasure is our favourite. 

Sort that Fruit!!

In ICT this week, we learned about how to sort an object by a criteria.

This ties into our Maths learning as well. 

We used our mouse to move the object to the correct circle. 

Then we typed in what the criteria was for each circle. 

It was lots of fun to learn something new in ICT. 

Performance Poetry

We worked in groups this week to practise a poem about Spring. 

We will be learning about Spring in our next Science topic. 

We took turns reading or decided to read all together. 

We were nervous but we performed the poem in front of our classmates. 

Some of us even decided to act out some of the words. 

That was so much fun. 

Brasilia vs. London

Today was our last day of learning about the United Kingdom. 

We focused our learning on London and how it compares to that of another city. 

We compared London to Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. 

Brazil is in South America so it is very different to London. 

We found that Brasilia is very hot and has fewer people than London. 

But we found that there are similarities as well. 

They both have transport systems.

They eat delicious food and they both love football. 

We are off to the Library. 

Today we went to the library and were read the story of Stuck. Where a boy gets his kite stuck in a tree and throws everything including the kitchen sink into the tree to help get his kite down. We got to explore the library after the story.


What makes a good umbrella? This week in Science we experimented to find the best material to make an umbrella. We used fabric, metal foil, paper and plastic. We dropped water on the materials and found which one didn't let the water through the material. We concluded that plastic would be the best material for an umbrella.


I can code! We are learning to program an object to move around the screen by using instructions.


In History this term we have been learning about the Gun Powder Plot. In this lesson we performed a role play, we acted out the main events of the Plot.  


In Maths we have been learning about measuring. We used rulers, cubes, our hands, our feet and measuring tape to measure different objects around the room.  

British Museum Trip 

On Monday Year 1 went to the British Museum. We became artists for the day. We sketched different artefacts in the museum on paper, then we carved our favourite picture on a styrofoam board. Finally we printed it onto  paper using paint. 


We are learning to write simple instructions about how to make a milkshake, but before we write the instructions we had to make some chocolate milkshakes!   

Religious Education Day 

The theme for RE Day this year was co-operation. We learnt why it is important to co-operate with others through role plays and games. 

Black History Month

Year 1 celebrated Black History Month by performing a dance about a naughty African spider called Anansi.  


Still image for this video


We went on a plant hunt in the local area. We saw lots of different plants! 


Year 1 have started our MEND sessions this term. In MEND we will learn about how to keep our minds healthy, exercise and healthy eating. This week we tasted some strawberries and played some fun games outside.  


This term in Science we are learning about plants. We looked at what plants need to grow and we even planted our own beans!  

The Golden Rules 


We talked about the Golden Rules and how it keeps us safe and helps us learn.  

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