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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) ................... Thank you to all our pupils, parents, staff and governors for your support during the recent Ofsted Inspection. THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. Excellent 2019 Year 6 SATs Results - 'OUTSTANDING EDUCATION PROVISION' Local Education Authority. NURSERY SPACES AVAILABLE.
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Inspection of Christ Church Bentinck CofE Primary School by Ofsted

Staffing List 2019/20

Term Dates 2019 - 2020

Timing of the School Day from September 2019

Attendance at CCB 2019 96.5%

Our  Strengths


We are all unique in the eyes of God and together we enjoy, aspire and achieve


  • Our reading, writing and mathematics SATs progress and attainment results, at the end of KS2 over the past 7 years, have been well above national figures with very impressive progress scores in 2016, 2017, 2018  and 2019
  • The achievement of the PPG pupils at the end of KS2 over time  in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Progress from baseline data of the pupils in our nursery and reception classes and their impressive achievement over time to meet and exceed national expectations
  • Behaviour, safety and pastoral care continue to be outstanding with no exclusions in the past 13 years
  • Sporting achievement over the past 9 years, particularly in netball (5x Westminster Champions)
  • Our successful community cohesion events
  • Strong links with St. Paul's Church
  • Partnerships and links with other schools, parents and external agencies
  • Progression in key art themes across the school
  • The extent to which pupils adopt healthy lifestyles; Healthy Schools Silver Award, the Sustainable Travel GOLD Award (2019) and the GOLD Games Mark (2019).
  • The school's internal financial management (FMSIS) graded with substantial assurance in 2013 and 2016
  • Development of the whole child - personal, social, emotional, spiritual, moral and cultural including British values
  • LA re-categorisation of the school OUTSTANDING IN 2017/18 and 2018/19
  • The range of extended school opportunities on offer: daily breakfast club, daily after school activity club, arts and crafts,  sports,  music tuition, booster classes  and homework club
  • The new school website   which is regularly updated.


Our Whole School Improvement Priorities for 2019/20

(The focus for middle leaders and co-ordinators' action plans)


  • Talk for Learning -  giving children a range of opportunities to articulate their ideas for writing; and to develop comprehension in reading, to speak confidently in a variety of settings and to improve reasoning in maths.
  • Pride in our Learning -  giving children a range of opportunities to improve the content of their writing, handwriting, presentation and spelling. Strengthening the progress that the most able pupils make in writing.
  • Progress in Learning - giving children a range of opportunities to make outstanding progress from their starting points (evidenced in books, next step targets and assessment records). Striving to increase numbers achieving greater depth.
  • Inclusion for Learning - Continue to monitor all vulnerable pupils (SEND, PPG, Kurdish, Early stage EAL, More Able) for learning, attendance, Behaviour and social/emotional needs. 
  • Leaders' impact on Learning -  Leaders and staff at all levels rigorously reviewing outcomes across the whole enriched curriculum to impact on pupil learning. 
  • Succession planning - increase pupil numbers and ensure the school continues to have strong leaders at all levels.