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In the Summer term we are learning about animation.



We made simple animations of someone pulling something along or of a volcano erupting.




Then we had a go at creating our own animations.


This term we are programming robots on the floor and on-screen.



We programmed the Beebots to make squares of different sizes and recorded our instructions.



We ordered a series of Beebot instructions that had already been written and were mixed up. 

We tested them to find out the shape that it made.


We also designed Pairs games using 2DIY.



We needed to decide on the number of cards we wanted to use, as well as a theme for our game.



Then we imported matching images onto the cards and designed the back of the cards. 



We had a go at playing our own pairs games and then wrote a set of instructions to help somebody else understand how to play our game.


This half term in Computing we will be coding using J2Code to control an on-screen sprite.  



We learned how to make the sprite move and 'talk' and we created lists of commands.  We sometimes needed to debug if things didn't quite go according to plan!



In future weeks we will be learning how to create multiple sprites and program them to have a conversation.