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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) - THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. Best wishes to all our pupils who will be taking National tests this term.
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Religious Education

This half term we are asking, 'What Does it Mean to be a Hindu?'

For our first lesson in this topic, we learned about the importance of family for many Hindus.



We asked Mrs Dodia (who works with some of the children in our class) questions about her family and anything else we wanted to find out about the Hindu religion. 



She also showed us how she prays.


For our Christmas unit of work we will be learning about different characters from the Nativity story and thinking about why they are important.



We listened to the story of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her that she had been chosen by God to be mother of His son, Jesus. 



We role played the story, paying particular attention to the important message given by Gabriel.


This term we have been learning about the story of the Ten Commandments.  We worked in pairs and role-played the story.



God told Moses the Ten Commandments and gave them to him on two stone tablets. 



We had so much fun speaking in a powerful voice as God and playing Moses full of wonder.


This year the theme for our RE day was the 'four Rs' from of vision and values statement: respect, resilience, responsibility and reconciliation.



In Year 2 we focused on resilience.



We discussed different scenarios where resilience was needed, for example being treated badly by a friend or finding a piece of work very challenging.



In pairs and small groups we rehearsed and performed roleplays exploring how we can show resilience in difficult situations.