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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) ................... Thank you to all our pupils, parents, staff and governors for your support during the recent Ofsted Inspection. THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. 'OUTSTANDING EDUCATION PROVISION' Local Education Authority. SOME THREE YEAR OLD NURSERY SPACES AVAILABLE.
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Spanish teaching at CCB

In Year 4 we have worked in groups to describe what someone is wearing. We used our knowledge of clothes, colours and shades.

In Year 3 we know how to ask what is hurting you and answer. QUE TE DUELE?

In Year 4 we have used bilingual dictionaries to find the names of items of clothing in Spanish

In Year 3 we are learning parts of the body.To help us, we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish.

Year 4 have been learning the names of some foods and drinks in Spanish. In groups they have created their own restaurant menu

FELIZ PASCUA!! Year 3 have decorated Easter cards

FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE Year 3 write Mother's Day cards

Year 4 are using bilingual dictionaries to find the names of different clothes

Year 3 are asking each other what is hurting them

In Year 4 we are learning different types of weather, seasons and cardinal points

In Year 4 we are learning the names of different means of transport and using them in interesting sentences

Year 5 can describe the planets in the Solar System

In Year 3 we are learning to count up to 20.

Year 3 learn how to greet each other in Spanish

We have links to Aldea Blanca primary school in Spain

Year 3 are learning numbers up to 20

Year 3 knows how to ask someone how are they and they can answer back in different ways

                      In our first lesson in Spanish we learned how to greet other people and Dora the 

                 Explorer helped us so much.


                     We can say "HOLA" which means hello.


                     "BUENOS DIAS" is good morning.  

                     "BUENAS TARDES" is good afternoon.

                      "BUENAS NOCHES" is good night.


                       And "ADIOS" means goodbye.

Year 3 learning how to greet each other in Spanish

Y6 learning to write and communicate in Spanish