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"OUTSTANDING" OFSTED (Feb 2019) - THE SCHOOL ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS. Best wishes to all our pupils who will be taking National tests this term.
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PSED – Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week

01 -05 February 2021


Hello Parents / carers

Keeping Happy and Healthy During Lockdown

1st- 5th of Feb is Share your Scarf week – supporting Children’s Mental Health Week.

Our school is given extra SCARF at Home resources to promote children’s mental health by celebrating the SCARF values:


The theme for Children's Mental Health Week is Express Yourself! Being creative in any way - art, music, cooking, gardening anything at all, really - boosts our mental health.

Our current, restricted lives, often overloaded as we juggle work, home-schooling and the every-day tasks of caring for others, can affect our mental health, whatever our age.

Finding a few minutes each day - or even each week - to do something creative, is as important as daily exercise.

There are some simple, creative activities that don't need a lot of equipment, just an imagination! Children can do these alone, or together with you!